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Since 1889
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County Information
Knox County June 9, 2006 Area Code (812)

Area Planning
Phone: 885-2544
FAX: 895-2715

   Knox County Zoning Codes (Use of Land)
   Zoning and Subdivision Regulations
   Administer sub-division control ordnance
   Flood Plains
   911 Addressing

Assessor – County
Phone: 885-2513
FAX: 886-3414

   Real and Personal Property Assessment
   Oil Assessment
   Mineral Right Assessment
   Inheritance Tax
   Property Transfers

Township Assessor
Phone: 885-2537

   Real and Personal Property Assessment
   Business Property
   Commercial Property
   North and South Township Assessments
   Property Transfers
   Dog Tags

Phone: 885-2502
FAX: 886-2414

  Transfer of Deeds
  Property Exemptions
  Mortgage, Homestead, Age, Disability, Veterans
  Tax Abatements
  Tax Sale
  Non-Taxable Properties
  Accounts Payable

Circuit Court
Phone: 885-2527
FAX: 886-9414

  Protective Orders
  Name Changes
  Family Law
  Felony Charges

Phone: 885-2521

  Marriage and Divorce Records
  Last Will Records

Superior Court I
Phone: 885-2517
FAX: 895-4929

  Juvenile Cases
  Family Law
  Felony Charges

Superior Court I Clerk

  Juvenile Records
  Court Records

Superior Court II
Phone: 882-4962

  Traffic & Small Claims

Superior Court II Clerk
Phone: 882-6466

  Files Claims

Knox County Clerk
Phone: 885-2521 or 895-4922
FAX: 895-4929

  Marriage License Applications
   Child Support

Community Corrections
Phone: 886-4094

  Community Service
  Home Detention - Felony and Juvenile
  Work Release – Men’s - 886-5700
                         Women’s – 886-3489

Criminal Justice
Phone: 895-5501
FAX: 895-5509

  Information on incarcerated inmates
  Court Dates for incarcerated inmates
  Outstanding Warrants

Drug & Alcohol Education and Referral Program
Phone: 882-1530

  Court Referrals
  Court Ordered Drug Testing

E-911 (Administrative)
Phone: 882-1502

  911 - Police, Fire or Medical Emergency

Health Department
Phone: 882-8080
FAX: 882-5625

  Birth and Death Certificates
  Retail Food Inspection
  Disaster Preparedness
  Immunization Clinic – 882-8700
  Septic Systems New/Repair or Complaints - 885-8404

Health Nurse
Phone: 885-8400

  Communicable Diseases
  Lead Testing
  Immunization Clinic – 882-8700
  Childhood Immunizations
  PPD’s, Tetanus and MMR Shots
  Children Flu Shots

Highway Garage
Phone: 882-2884

  Road Maintenance
  Bridge Repair
  Cleanout Ditches/Waterways

Knox County Housing Authority
Phone: 882-0220

  Low income housing
  Rental Assistance for Housing in
  Knox & Daviess Counties except
  City of Vincennes (Vincennes assistance is under Vincennes Housing Authority)

Purdue Extension Knox County
Phone: 882-3509
FAX: 882-3537

  Crops and Farming Information
  Nutrition and Education
  Plant pest control for farm and home
  4-H Youth Organization Grades 3-12
  School enrichment program

Park & Recreation
  Ouabache Trails Park Phone: 882-4316

    Recreation area – playground, volleyball, horse shoes etc.

Probation Office
Phone: 885-2518

  Adult Probation
  Juvenile Probation
  Home Detention (misdemeanors)

Prosecutors Office
Phone: 885-2531

  Victim Assistance
  Child Support

Recorder’s Office
Phone: 885-2508
FAX: 895-4913

  Record Mortgages, Deeds,
  Contracts, Federal Tax Liens,
  DD-214’s, and Miscellaneous Documents

Sheriff Office
Phone: (Administration) 882-4034

  Animal Warren
  Detectives Office
  Criminal Investigation
  Service of Process 882-3626
  Serves warrants, court orders, body attachments
  Sheriff sales
  Gun Permits
  Accident Report Requests

  Jail Commander – 882-7660
  General Information

  Inmate Workforce Program 882-7660

Solid Waste
Phone: 895-4878
FAX 895-4881 (call first)

  Address: Knox County Sold Waste Management District
        1303 Willow St.
        Vincennes, IN 47591

   Illegal Dumping
   Hazardous Waste Disposal
   Environmental Concerns and education
   Construction Materials disposal
   (Special waste – asbestos, tires, electronics, household batteries etc.)

Phone: 885-2535

  Legal Survey Records
  County Road Records
  Incorporated Boundary Descriptions
  Regulated Drain Records

Phone: 885-2506

  Receive Tax Payments
  Tax Statements
  Mobile Home Permits
  Liquor Licenses

Veterans’ Service Office
Phone: 885-2539
FAX: 895-4921

  Veterans Assistance
  Claim Filing
  Appeals Assistance
  DAV Transportation Scheduler
  The Veterans’ Corner newspaper article
  E-Mail –

Voters Registration
Phone: 895-4927
FAX: 895-4929

  Primary and General Elections
  Register Voters
  Absentee Voting
  Jury Pools

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